How To Remove Dust Mites From Couch

Published: 04th April 2011
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Microscopic dust mites are found in millions inside your home. Even though they donít bite human beings, they cause allergic reactions, respiratory diseases and even lead to depression. Dust mites survive on pet dander, organic materials such as wool, and human skin cells. They are most commonly found in beds, carpets, stuffed toys and the furniture. The remedial actions to be taken to clear off the mites include washing the surfaces with hot water and using cleansing chemicals to kill them effectively. But one will have to deploy a different strategy while dealing with leather couch.

The next big question is how to carry out the assignment. For that, youíll need some equipments - a vacuum cleaner and its brush, damp cloth and air purifier.

To begin with, vacuum the leather couch using a high-efficiency filter or water filter. Vacuum the crevices by removing the cushions; be sure you do the work through your way thoroughly and slowly. This will ensure that the dust is removed too, along with the dust mites.

Use the damp cloth to wipe the couch after the vacuuming process so that any dust mites that remain may get removed. Studies have proven that homes with air conditioner have 10 times fewer dust mites than those without. Humidity level and temperature are important factors that affect the survival of mites. When the temperatures are between 20 to 30degree Celsius and the humidity level above 70, it creates a cozy niche for the mites. Therefore nullifying the humidity will be the solution.

High efficiency air purifiers are preferrable over the ion-generating filter. The major disadvantage of ion-generating filter is that it produces ozone, which can lead to lung disorder and aggravate allergy.

Pets are major proliferators of mites as their fur increases dust in the room and provide food for mites. Therefore pets are not to be allowed to lie on a leather coach. Keeping the couch covered with plastic in an unheated place for some days can also reduce the count of mites.

Dust mites can never be killed on large but by following these tips one can surely keep the mites out from their home. Stay clean and spread cheer.

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